Make Twilight Movie Wallpaper website in 10 minutes

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Twilight Saga
Today I am going to teach you how to put your HTML learning skills which you have learned so far in HTML Tables Tutorial into action and make a beautiful Wallpaper website in 10 minutes. If you are reading this tutorial and haven’t read previous tutorial, no need to worry just follow this tutorial and in the end you will also be able to create one of your own website with an image gallery. Let’s do it.
First of all you need 12 images of any size. You can easily download them from Google Images. Just go to and search for Twilight or any other movie you are a big fan of. Get the images save them to a folder where you are going to create the webpage. Once you have downloaded and saved the images open a new HTML file in the editor of your choice
For this…

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How to use colspan and rowspan in HTML Tables?

Easy HTML tables tutorial

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In a recent HTML relevant discussion with some of my colleagues, someone asked me a question how to use colspan and rowspan together. Frankly I never used it together but I know how to use them so I told them but then again it came to me how many others out there that might have faced the same question or have been asking even now. Let’s write about it and share with those how to do it.

I am going to show you how to create a student marks sheet which looks something like following in Microsoft Excel.


Let’s create this sheet. First of all we will create the rows and columns which don’t have any spanned row or column. Following is the code to create the lower rows of the table.

<table bgcolor=”#663366”>
<tr bgcolor=”#FFFF80″>
<td width=”100px”>Student -1 </td>
<td width=”50px”>  </td>
<td width=”50px”>  </td>
<td width=”50px”>  </td>

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How to Create a Chess Board with HTML Tables?

Easy HTML Learning

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HTML tables to create chess board

This article covers the very basics of HTML table element. The table in HTML are very flexible and you can perform numerous tasks by table tags and can create bunch of different layouts from table element. What we are going to do in this tutorial is to create a chess board layout using HTML Table tags. The Chess board is a square form board in which there are equal rows and colums with alternate intersections marked as black background. While create tables in HTML there are three things we need to understand. First is that the table is a binary tag. It needs to be closed too. Inside tables there are rows and inside rows there are column. An intersection of row and column forms a cell called table data in HTML. As HTML is a high level language so the commands are really simple and tags are literally English…

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