shuts down due to Piracy Charges from Californian Court

I was shocked when I opened a while ago to download a software crack which was one of my favorite hobby to do whenever I needed a crack of some software which I couldn’t find for free on the internet. shuts down

When I saw news on BBC that shut down and fined $110 million and the owner has decided to shutdown the project. I started wondering why and how is this possible. The owner of the had earned more than this amount from this website from last 10.5 years and when I see alexa ranking of which has been less than 300 for a pretty long period and when I estimate the earnings this site was making from Ads and affiliates, Gary Fung was easily able to pay the fine and keep the site running. But seriously who was responsible for this site to end up like this. shuts down due to piracy charges

Tell you what I hauled into details and narrowed down my search results and Guess where the pointer narrowed to? Me, myself, I was the one who was always looking for pirated stuff, cracks and hacks of software, and pretty much anything which is out there in the market with a lot of price which the manufacturer of that product deserves to be paid and I am stealing that right from them. shuts down due to piracy charges

Just like me, there are millions of other people on the internet who have been using and piratebay services for the same reason I did, which resulted in shutting down this site or a huge online business I am not sure what Gary Fung has now in my mind but there was a huge crowd and a huge community connected together via and for them this news was a sudden shock just like I had a while ago.

Gary Fung said in his posting on his page, that during this journey he had met a lot of skilled people and this journey had changed his life forever, I too wanted to confess to Gary Fung that all of us have met a lot of skilled people in our lives but Gary Fung’s effort in form of was priceless.

The level of knowledge and data sharing which was possible through could never have been possible through any other torrent community. We are sorry for your loss Gary Fung. I wish we could have stop ourselves a bit earlier to use your website for pirate materials so this incident could never had happened.

Good Bye


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